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獸醫推薦為患以下病患的寵物使用: - 髖關節發育不良反 (Hip Dysplasia) - 關節炎 (Arthritis) - 關節疼、僵硬、開裂 (Joint pain, stiffness, and cracking) - 全身疼痛 (Aches and pains) - 皮膚病 (Dermatosis / Skin disease) - 失禁 (Incontinence) S : 69cm L x 53cm W x 8cm H M: 91cm L x 69cm W x 8 cm H L : 114cm L x 86cm W x 8cm H

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通過歐盟REACH Resulation (EC) No. 1907/2006EU 標準測試 。持久承托力,透氣,不積聚濕氣、保護骨骼及皮膚健康。

The fabric is made of high-performance 100% polyester sporting gears fabric, with wear-resistant, high tensile strength, breathable, hydrophobic, and other advantageous features. Stains would not be visible with the calculated irregular patterns woven on the fabric.

The main bed Interlaced Air Mattress is made of durable high-density, high-resilience three-dimensional polymer material, non-toxic materials which conform to European Chemicals Agency 'REACH' Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006EU standards. Long-lasting force, ventilation, no accumulation of moisture, which promote the health of the skeleton and skin.


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